What Our Animals Eat

Our animals are born on the property. They feed from their mother until they roughly 6 months of age.


All our cattle and sheep eat and forage what grows on our farm, we do not feed our animals grain. This is because ruminant animals are meant to eat grass, they have a multi chambered stomach uniquely designed to digest grass.


As eating grain is not natural for these animals, animals that are fed grain tend to get sick and need to be given antibiotics, although the fact that most grain fed animals are also kept in very large numbers in pens does not help.


Our animals are free to graze on our property as they see fit.


Reasons for feeding animals grass and not grain:

  • Grain is not a natural food of ruminates
  • Growing of grain has a negative environmental impact
  • The terrior of grass gives meat complexity and a uniqueness of flavour
  • Grass fed beef has less total fat
  • Grass fed animals tend to have lower stocking rates and therefore less stressful lives.

From a nutritional perspective grass fed animals have:

  • Lower total fat
  • Higher beta carotene
  • Higher Vitamin E
  • Higher Thiamine and Roboflavorin – Vitamin B
  • Higher total Omega 3
  • Higher in minerals, calcium, magnesium and potassium
  • Lower in saturated fats

** Source SK Duckett Clemson University

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