The Dorper

Dorpers were originally developed in South Africa by crossing Blackhead Persian ewes with a Dorset ram. The breed was developed to produce a high quality carcass under extreme conditions. Thus they have the reputation for rapid weight gain, excellent carcass confirmation and good fat distribution.


Dorpers were introduced into Australia in 1996.


The Dorper sheds it’s fleece avoiding the need for mustering for shearing, crutching and fly control. The ewe is a very good mother and protective of her young, multiple births are common including triplets. Lambs are extremely mobile at birth and survival rates are therefore high.


Dorper ewe’s produce a large quantity of milk, aiding lamb survival and early growth and Dorper lambs have an inherent growth potential i.e. the ability to graze from an early age.


These sheep are well suited to the climatic conditions found on the South Coast of NSW and produce excellent grass fed meat.

Dorper on Martins Ridge Farm
The Dorper in Trailer at Martins Ridge Food