The Belted Galloway

The Belted Galloway (Beltie) is a heritage breed of beef cattle originating from Galloway on the west side of southern Scotland.


The Belties are considered a rare breed and well suited to free range meat.


They are well known for the quality of their marbled meat and are ideal for rough grazing land and will utilize course grasses that other breeds shun. This adds to the complexity of their meat and is more sustainable.


A stocky breed with a thick shaggy coat and face gives the Belted Galloway a teddy bear appearance. The famous belt is white in colour and runs over the middle of the animal.


As a heritage breed they are able to produce high quality meats on grass alone.


In the USA they are known as Oreo as the colouring is reminiscent of the biscuit.

Belted Galloway on Martins Ridge Farm
Belted Galloway (Beltie) is Grass Fed Beef