Sustainable Farming

We follow sustainable farming practises to ensure we leave our farm in an equal or better condition than when we started.


By utilising our Holistic Management approach to farming methods we endeavour to create a healthy eco-system and manage our farm in a sustainable way.


At the end of the day this is a critical factor for the survival of humans and all living organisms.


The basis of our sustainability practises are as follows;

  • To preserve ecosystem diversity and species longevity.
  • Quality, taste and flavour of our meat from the farm are the by-product of sustainable practises.
  • Sustainability advocates transparency and food provenance.
  • Sustainability is how biological systems remain diverse and productive.

Some of the farming methods we use to achieve sustainability include;

  • Farming without chemicals.
  • Allowing our pasture to rest for long periods of time.
  • Allowing our animals to eat natural foods.
  • Using our animals grazing habits to control weeds.
  • Managing the number of animals on our farm depending on farm conditions i.e. not over grazing.
  • Producing only grass fed meat.
Sustainable Farming At Martins Ridge Food