Ian, Tina & Rusty

Not directly related to the original owners of the property Ian and Tina have been coming to the area for over 20 years, since Tina’s parents moved to Milton. One viewing of the property (and the name) and the paddock to plate vision came to realization.


With an extensive cooking background (and not much farming experience) the concept of Martins Ridge Food has slowly grown.


The concept of the farm is natural free range mixed farming where the meat from the farm is flavoured by the natural biodiversity and the provenance is known.


In selling our produce we;

  • Put the welfare of our animals and farm as a first priority.
  • Guarantee it’s provenance.
  • Ensure our animals are raised outside like nature intended.
  • Do not use growth promotants, antibiotics (unless life threatening) or hormones.
  • Dry age our meat in our own coolroom under strict conditions.
  • Do not use chemicals in the management of our farm.
  • Raise our animals in an anxiety free environment – our local abattoir is just down the road so no stressful transport.
  • Control all facets of the production (with the exception of the slaughter process) – the ultimate paddock to plate. Come and visit us and see our production kitchen overlooking paddocks where our animals graze.
  • Believe that there is a direct correlation to the way an animal is raised and the way it tastes.
Martins Ridge Food Ian & Tina
Martins-Ridge food and dog Rusty

Rusty the occasional farm dog