Food Provenance

Food provenance refers to the knowledge of where one’s food is sourced. A large number of today’s consumers are becoming increasingly interested in the provenance of their food and of the welfare of the animals used in chemical free food production.


These discerning consumers want to know what they are eating, where the food comes from, in the case of animals – what they have been fed and under what conditions the food has been produced.


This is the basis under which Martins Ridge Farm operates.


In the drive for cost reductions commercial food products can pass through multiple channels, across large distances, making it difficult for food companies to manage supply chain compliance effectively and the traceability of the sustainable food they produce and sell.


At Martins Ridge we control the majority of the processes that delivers our food to you. From what our animals eat (grass, grass and more grass!!), to the dispatching process (our local abattoir is a mere 14 kilometres away) to the delivery to you. This ensures total control of the product we sell and the provenance of our food.


Additionally our Food Provenance, like terrior in wine, is the set of special characteristics that the geography, geology and climate of our South Coast farm, interacting with plant genetics, express in our produce.

Food Provenance by Martins Ridge Food
Martins Ridge Food Lamb- Food Provenance