Chemical Free Farming

We don’t use chemicals on our farm.


Traditional farming methods utilizes chemicals to attempt to control the environment. Unfortunately these chemicals remain and create unbalanced and unnatural ecosystems.


Some of the reasons why we practice chemical free farming are;

  • We believe it is healthier if we eat food that has not been exposed to chemicals in their production.
  • Likewise our grass fed animals are healthier if they have not been in contact with chemicals.
  • By not using chemicals we are leaving less footprint on our farm and are better able to manage the farming system as a whole.
  • Not using chemicals means we will not have an adverse effect on our environment. We are especially conscious of the fact that our property is bounded by the Conjola Creek which flows to Lake Conjola. Using chemicals would mean that some of those chemicals flows into the lake system.
  • We believe our food tastes better not having been exposed to chemicals.
  • Integrity in the food we are supplying. With only natural inputs we have the utmost confidence in our free range produce.
Martins Ridge Farm practice Chemical Free Farming Shute Photo
Martins Ridge Food used Chemical Free Farming Methods